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Conversion rate optimization - Meaning

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who perform your anticipated goal and successfully exit the conversion funnel. The goal that you decide can be of getting a form filled, purchasing a product, or signing up for a newsletter etc.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a technique that focuses on the testing of each and every aspect of a landing page, with an aim to find an optimal design, content and layout which leads to higher conversion rates.

In simple language:

"Conversion Rate Optimization is a continuous process of increasing website
conversions by eliminating all the possible causes of a high bounce rate."

Conversion rate optimization is a simple
two part process

  • Finding out why your website visitors are not converting into customers
  • Fixing the problem by making relevant changes

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To Determine if your website is optimized to boost conversions our experts have prepared a quick
check list for you:

  • Is your website offering what your visitors are looking for?
  • Is your website easily navigable?
  • Can visitors find what they are looking for without any difficulty?
  • Is there any distraction on your landing page that might be a cause of high bounce rate?
  • Is your website persuasive enough to lead your visitors into the conversion funnel?
  • Are your CTA's clearly visible and facilitating conversions?
  • Is your content adding enough value and aiding visitors in making decision?

If you don't have definite answer to any of the above questions then you are certainly at the right place

Still wondering how simple changes like these can lead to huge increase in conversions? Take a look at some of the research which proves it

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conversion rate optimization

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To ensure that you have answers to all the above questions our conversion experts have broken down the process of "conversion rate optimization" into the following aspects:

User Experience optimization

User Experience is a broad term which includes all the aspects of a person's experience with your website including the interface, graphics and design. At Blue media we believe that optimizing your website for the best user experience has a lot more to it than making a website usable by your clients. User experience is all about giving your customers a delightful and meaningful experience when they visit your website and thus facilitating more conversions.

Call to action analysis

A call to action is normally a text, graphic or combination of both - that lures a user to interact and move ahead in the conversion funnel. A call to action (CTA) element that doesn't generate curiosity in the mind of visitors cannot attain the objective it has been created for. Its only goal is to assist conversions, and to make sure they do so, website owners opt for conversion rate optimization services.

Website usability analysis

A website that doesn't help visitors in finding what they are looking for ranks low in usability, while the one that make the whole process intuitive and puts user at ease ranks high on usability. The usability concept takes into consideration the comfort of visitors on first interaction, ease in accomplishing tasks, problems encountered and time taken to recover from them. Conversion rate optimization service works on increasing the usability quotient to support conversions.

Information architecture design analysis

Information architecture is organizing functionality and content into a structure that visitors are able to navigate intuitively. It is the way in which content is grouped and in which order it is placed. One of the many reasons why it plays a very critical role in optimizing conversion rate is the influence hat it has on the thought process of our visitors. Information architecture must be so perfect that each and every layer facilitates conversions and ensure a smooth conversion passage for all visitors.

Content relevancy study

A website must strike a proper balance between the amount of text and graphic usage to display content. Tests have shown that 79% of people just skim through a website and only 16% read everything. Therefore, the content added must be relevant and the part that we want our visitors to read must always stand out. You need to learn the art of saying more in limited words to ensure that you cover all important aspects without making your page too lengthy.

See how some of our clients have benifited from a few changes that we made on their website after a detailed analysis conducted by our team of experts.

DinoSeo is a US based firm which provides SEO services to
clients all over the world

  • 1.

    Have a tagline that communicates your brand promise in a memorable way.

  • 2.

    Your website must be easily navigable and remove all the unwanted elements which cause distraction.

  • 3.

    Always highlight your value proposition so that it's clearly visible.

  • 4.

    Using a combination of text, graphics, and videos to display content makes the web page more interactive.

  • 5.

    Clear and concise headline are always easy to interpret.

  • 6.

    Always highlight your value proposition so that it's clearly visible.

  • 7.

    CTA's must always stand out and should be repeated after regular intervals for more conversions.

Xopso is the biggest Daily Deals brand in Spain and is now also running
successfully in Mexico

  • 1.

    Adding a real time stock indicator developed by our own experts indicates a sense of urgency among the visitors.

  • 2.

    Social Indicators add credibility and build trust.

  • 3.

    The website design is highly creative, intuitive and user friendly which makes

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CONVERT - Design upgrade for conversion focused pages

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Conversion Rate Optimization Packages

Features Basic Standard Premium
Conversion funnel analysis
Implementation of the suggestions, includes optimization of:
  • Loading Speed
  • Apache Configuration
  • MySQL Performance
  • Images Size and Loading Time
  • Information Architecture
  • Call to Actions
  • Visual Appearance
  • Conversion Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Relevancy
  • Usability Analysis
----- -----
Blue media will do the necessary design and programming on your website
Detailed findings based on adequate research
Fact based statistics
Visitors and buyers browsing trends
Time spent ( average and segment ) by buyers on the site before buying
Pages visited by buyers before buying
Pages with maximum bounce rate
Optimizing web pages and submitting suggestion's using wireframes
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As per current studies on conversion rate optimization:

  • Only around 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates
  • For every $92 dollars spend acquiring customers, only $1 is spend converting them
  • This year almost 85% of search marketing professionals will focus more on conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization has recently become the talk of the town. Here are our top five reasons why you should get obsessed with conversion rate optimization:


Increased conversions

With CRO you are able to convert more visitors into customers. Without spending an extra penny on your PPC campaigns, you get more conversions with few simple changes in your website.


Better ROI

With a moderate increase in your conversion rate there is huge increase in your profits. With the same amount of investment you are able to generate more revenues and thus a better ROI.


Competitive Advantage

Conversion rate optimization helps you gain a competitive advantage over others. With a few well thought off changes on your landing page you can add the much needed differentiation to your website.


Increased satisfaction

Conversion rate optimization works on a simple principle of giving the best experience to your visitors so that they keep coming back to your website and become loyal and satisfied customers.


Higher revenue

By optimizing your conversion rate you can earn more revenue with the same amount of traffic. More leads are converted that result into higher earnings.

Our conversion experts at Blue media have put in a lot of hard work to come up with a simple technique which will not only boost conversions but also deliver an experience that your visitors will appreciate for life

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At Blue media we believe that for maximum output, Conversion rate optimization should be based on the AIDA model with an additional "S":

Don't let your website traffic go futile due to high bounce rate. Take our "Conversion rate optimization service" and turn all your visitors into customers.

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