Challenges Faced Before Blue media Was Hired

Xopso faced technical and usability issues that were limiting brand prospects. The ecommerce website encountered traffic and payment gateway issues that spoiled the credibility. Outdated technology, limited functionality, and non-responsive design were also holding back Xopso from becoming a brand with global recognition. Blue media team was hired to give the website a complete overhaul with responsive design, added features, increased product categories, real-time stock meter and various other development additions.

Corrective Measures Taken

Blue media re-designed and developed the new responsive website from a scratch that was search engine friendly, rich in both mobile and desktop user experience, and brought new added features. Built on the latest development technology (HTML5 and CSS3), it can now handle up to 100,000 visitors at a time and process up to 1,000 orders every minute without product overselling issues. Behind its simplistic user friendly design runs a sturdy ecommerce mechanism. Results were clearly visible when the new Xopso went live.

Re-Design and development process adopted by Blue media

Detailed wireframe and layout planning was done for perfect incorporation of client requirements. Usability and functionality were given priority over visual appeal. Due importance was given to the layout, content arrangement and overall look for multiple mobile devices and desktop versions as Blue media had planned a fully responsive design for Xopso.

Xopso logo update was done in 2 phases to avoid brand confusion amongst customers

Most of the product information is communicated above the fold. This makes the buying decision quick. Navigation is simplistic and user friendly.

At a time, only four categories are visible to a visitor. There is a VIP category that is only visible to the subscribers.

There are three special categories that are only accessible through a separate link circulated through mail for marketing.

The website has been reduced to just 2 pages that incorporate every aspect of the buying process. This simplifies order placement for even first time buyers.

The wireframes were drafted carrying the most minute detailing about layout, navigation and conversion path by our user experience and conversion optimization experts. These wireframes were then approved by the Xopso team, who received regular updates about the progress of the project.

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Once the wireframes were approved, Blue media design team started working on the PSDs which were finally developed on HTML5 and CSS3. The system is programmed using open source platform OpenCart but almost every plug-in was custom developed by Blue media's experienced team of programmers to match the unique requirements of the website.

We came in touch with Blue media team and were really impressed with their approach towards branding, user experience and technical expertise."

Hans Christ, Xopso

The website carries a unique look that is different from any traditional e-commerce website; it is an easy-to-use website high on visual appeal, user experience, and creativity

The website has a real time stock meter (J Query based) which creates a sense of urgency in visitor's minds. Every plug-in has been developed in-house.

Products under any category can be changed multiple times a day.

Number of products purchased by a single subscriber in a day can be capped.

All the pages are search engine optimized and social media friendly. Meta tags, headings for pages and alt text for images were decided after detailed study.

Real time update of PayPal charges and logistics are furnished while order processing.

Functionality to save upto 5 shipping addresses in subscriber account.

Provision of product and category specific discount coupons

In all its four categories, Xopso sells one unique product daily. The look of the website is consistent throughout all the product categories, yet every category is visually demarcated.

Special focus on the product visuals and specifications. All the details are listed on the home page. You can also see products in the other two categories.

Xopso's Logo Redesign

The logo being used by was gradually phased out by making multiple updates to the previous version. Some more details were included in the logo by the logo redesign team but the overall look was not changed drastically. The color scheme was also kept consistent. The live stock meter which is a differentiating feature of the website was also incorporated in the logo.


  • PayPal recognized Xopso's potential as a daily deals brand and offered to waive off the commission charged for online transactions. Earlier, customers were redirected to PayPal payment gateway to complete the transactions but now, Xopso processes order payments on its website via direct Xopso server to PayPal server link.
    One of its kind and FIRST IN SPAIN!

  • Optimized for rich HD graphics, the new and improved Xopso can handle thousands of users without payment processing hassles. Blue media also empowered Xopso management to allow credit sales to subscribers, permit product dispatch in unique cases (when cart value is zero on using credit), and make complicated deals &stock related changes.

  • Xopso ecommerce mechanism makes sure that the sale is made only when an item is in stock. This eliminates the tiring process of refunds. This is done through a double threshold system and FIFO mechanism.

    For the record, Xopso normally sells around 1000 products in a couple of minutes.

  • PayPal introduced a special category with Xopso to allow users to pay for their Special Category order only via PayPal without additional charges on sale. The invitations were sent to 2 million PayPal customers by PayPal itself. This was something that never happened before in Spain.

  • New Xopso
    Facebook user
    base from
    16,000 to 21,000
    with more coming
    each day.

  • Now making
    around 150,000
    in sales
    every month
  • Count of
    registered users
    also crossed
    since the launch.

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Hans Christ Co-Founder, Xopso

XOPSO required complete website makeover, new features and new payment gateway. There were major issues in order processing and overselling that required special efforts. We came in touch with Blue media team and were really impressed with their approach towards branding,user experience and technical expertise.

The best things about Blue media are their ability to resolve complex technical issues, timely delivery of work and upfront support. Their Spanish speaking project managers saved us a lot of time and efforts.

Blue media did a commendable job as new XOPSO is really a huge improvement over its older version. New XOPSO can handle upto 100,000 concurrent users and process thousands of orders in a couple of minutes without a glitch. We highly recommend Blue media for custom development and eCommerce projects.

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Xopso makes 150K/month in sales.

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