Website Usability - Meaning and importance

A website that doesn't help visitors in finding what they are looking for ranks low in usability, while the one that make the whole process intuitive and puts user at ease ranks high on usability.The usability concept takes into consideration the comfort of visitors on first interaction, ease in accomplishing tasks, problems encountered and time taken to recover from them.

Are your visitors able to identify your brand?

Is your design hiding your brand? Use your website as your source of branding accurately. Even after casually surfing through your website, a visitor should get a clear idea about your business.

  • 1.

    Your company logo should be bold, clear and conventionally to the top left corner. Make sure you highlight it with enough white space around it.

  • 2.

    Let the user gather as much information about you through aan "About Us" option and an avenue to contact you through the "Contact Us" option

  • 3.

    Try to include a crisp tagline to reflect your unique value proposition. Take due consideration that it is not full of jargon.

  • 4.

    You will not get more than 5 seconds to capture the visitor's attention. Make sure they are able to grasp all the major contents on your home page within this time span.

  • 1.

    The text should be legible and there should be right contrast of light background and dark text or vice versa. The font size should be appropriate with proper line spacing.

  • 2.

    Use animation or moving text only if you feel it will enhance your goal. Always keep your target group in mind. Don't let the design get affected by your personal preferences.

  • 3.

    Does your website take a long time to load? With broadband connections, people have lost their patience. Your website should be compatible with all web browsers.

  • 4.

    YYour every image should have relevant Alt Tags. This will make your pictures more accessible through

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Can a first time visitor navigate through your pages easily?

Your website’s navigation is like a roadmap to accessing various elements of your website. There should be ease and complete consistency in navigation through all your web pages.

  • 1.

    Your logo should redirect the user to the home page. Links and Call to Action buttons should be carefully used to improve conversions

  • 2.

    There should always be a site search option. People use it all the time. Never forget a sitemap

  • 3.

    The main navigation on your pages should clear and simple. Your visitors are very impatient. They will not spend time to decipher how your website works

How smooth is your registration process?

Some websites ask for a login even before a visitor has viewed the website. 88% of the people leave a webpage when they are asked to register. Registration is a necessary process but does not necessarily have to be a hassle for your visitors.

  • 1.

    42% of the registration forms are very long and difficult to fill. Don't make the process time consuming. Avoid asking for irrelevant information.

  • 2.

    42% of the registration forms are very long and difficult to fill. Don't make the process time consuming. Avoid asking for irrelevant information.

  • 3.

    A lot of people choose to lie on the form. This could be solved if the users are provided with guidelines about how their information would be used.

Does your content reach out to every user individually?

When writing copy you need to think that there is no friendly or personal sales person to help the prospective consumer…

Just your copy – So make it pay. Utility study conducted by Jakob Nielsen claims that you can achieve a 58% increase in usability if you cut half the words in your content.

  • 1.

    Keep the look, color scheme, typography consistent. Everything should be in sync with the overall image of the brand.

  • 2.

    Do not put so much content that the visitors tires and moves away. Use keywords that people are looking for. They will even help you in SEO. Use clear and descriptive headings and sub headings. <h1> , <h2> tags which are SEO friendly should be used while developing the website.

  • 3.

    Choose the words that you use carefully. There should be no grammatical errors or any other mistakes. The flow of the content should be such that it sounds like your sales pitch supported by visual content. Everything should be in proper order.

Don't let your website's usability be left unaddressed

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In case usability is not addressed during design development processes, following points have a very strong possibility of appearing:

Website usability is critical to every business and hence it cannot be left at the mercy of guesswork. With our usability analysis that covers design, prototyping, evaluation and testing, we ensure that your platform is easy to use, navigate and conversion-friendly. Our usability experts work on websites while keeping in mind the common usability standards and best practices.

Once you know the exact problem, you can start working on them without wasting any time. Hence, website usability helps in;

  • Identification of areas of improvements
  • Subsequent sales growth
  • Better conversions
  • Improved user experience and engagement
  • Low bounce rate

Our experts are usability obsessed

We are familiar what it takes to evolve a web platform that puts user at ease and makes the whole experience more intuitive. Our team of experts together brings a thorough knowledge of branding, usability testing & engineering, information architecture, graphic and visual design, content strategy, user-interface prototyping & design, landing page optimization and data gathering & requirements.

With the help of same knowledge and years of experience, we are able to develop websites that turn curious visitors into happy customers. Get in touch to improve your website's usability.


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