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More than 85% of consumers use internet to research before making a purchase decision. This lone fact is enough to emphasize how much damage bad online reputation can do to your online sales & revenue. That's why companies & business owners are investing in reputation management services. Since 2004, Blue media has been building virtual reputation shield around small businesses, established brands, working professionals, and global celebrities.

Our premium reputation management packages have been designed by experienced reputation experts that have spent years studying online reputation cases & implementing strategies. Focus on establishing yourself as a dominant force in your field; leave the task of online reputation management to us.

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Reputation Packages

Remove Negative Link fromFIRST Google Result Page

1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$500 per month
2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$700 per month
3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$1000 per month

Reputation Packages

Remove Negative Link fromFIRST Two Google Result Pages

1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$1500 per month
2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$2100 per month
3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$3000per month


Blue media knows reputation management to its core and thus is confident enough to offer 100% money back guarantee to its reputation clients. We will bring 18 positive results on Google's first 3 result pages in first 90 days or you will get 100% refund.

What Makes Blue media Truly
Global Reputation Management Agency?

In the past decade, Blue media has helped thousands of businesses with brand identity and online reputation. While our unique reputation approach give us an edge over big reputation companies, following points have also played a major role in making us a reputed name in reputation management industry:

Client Confidentiality

Blue media team has high regard for client confidentiality in case of reputation projects. All the information related to reputation assignments is kept strictly confidential.

Proven Experience

Blue media has been managing online reputation of online brands & businesses since 2004, & knows how to make negative reviews and links disappear from top search results.

Quick Results

Our team of reputation experts has furnished reputation results in record time. Share your reputation issue with us for exact idea of timeframe & project cost

Money Back Guarantee

Our experience and expertise in handling reputation projects give us the confidence to give 100% money back guarantee. Read our return policy for more details.

How much time it takes to
repair or remove negative online search results?

Because every online reputation project is unique, it is impossible to give exact idea about timeframe without studying degree of damage. At Blue media, we make commitments only after getting familiar with project complexities. We will tell how long before bad links disappear as soon as we have insights regarding following points;

  • Authority
    of Negative Link
  • Nature of
    Negative Result
  • Existing assets &
    overall brand presence
  • Phrases Triggering
    Negative Results
  • Number of Search
    Pages to be Cleared

In addition to above points, timeframe of your online reputation project will also depend on your response to our queries and activity surrounding the negative resource.

As a reputation management agency, we have furnished visible reputation results in just 3 months for challenging projects representing international brands and personalities.

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Action Plan to Repair Bad Online Reputation

It takes years to build brand reputation but just one bad review on sites like Yelp, Complaints Board & Rip-off Report can ruin it all. Blue media Technologies is in the business of protecting the fragile yet precious asset called reputation. As a reputation management company, we not only help small businesses and global brands in treating negative results but also protect them from future reputation attacks.

1. Reputation Assessment

Our reputation experts will study current position of your brand on search engines and social media networks to understand how people perceive it. Initial research will help us in creating the blueprint of reputation work to be undertaken.

2. Strategy Development

On the basis of insights gathered during assessment phase, our reputation consultants create a unique reputation management strategy to handle your problem. Our strategy will be based on modern reputation processes and techniques.

3. Channel Identification

Channel selection is one of the most critical aspects of delivering results for reputation projects. Your reputation issue will decide whether we need to create informative blogs, optimized social media sites, business listings or other resources.

4. Aggressive Implementation

Our team of reputation, SEO, and content experts will start creating fresh resources that will push down negative reviews, links and feedback. Our team will also identify and optimize your older resources to make them rank better.

5. Monitoring & Evaluation

By monitoring changing search results and activity on newly created resources, we make sure that you get speedy recovery. In case progress is slow, our internet reputation protection experts will reevaluate strategy & work accordingly.

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What Makes Blue media the Most Trusted Reputation Agency?

As top reputation management firm, we have helped clients from vast range of industries and professions including real estate, celebrity, finance, fashion, education, politics, law, healthcare, hospitality, and IT. We are favored by businesses and brands all over the world because we bring the advantage of:

Guaranteed results

We deliver positive ORM results for every client. No false promises.

12+ years experience

Vast experience in SEO gives us a tactical edge in ORM industry.

Proven strategy

Our work strategy generates better results than big ORM agencies.

Speedy recovery

With Blue media, your reputation recovery will be quick & permanent.

Talk with our online reputation experts through Live Chat to learn how we build, monitor and repair reputation. In case you want to learn about industry specific projects (no client names for confidentiality reasons) from our reputation management portfolio, fill a quick form to get all the details in your inbox.

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