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We are a tech-savvy generation who turn to the internet to get answers to all sorts of technical, social, and other day-to-day questions. How to do this, how to do that, people are always trying to learn something new and to gather some new information on the internet. Starting a website that caters this need by providing users a question-answer platform is certainly a sound business idea in this age and time.


Question-Answer Platforms

An online QA platform for a wide range of topics of computer programming

535.9 Million

Monthly Site Visits

A question-answer website for all sorts of professional, technical, and personal questions

1.7 Million

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US-based online question-answer portal where anybody can ask queries related to medical


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QBuddy is

mobile ready

Considering the fact that mobile users are increasing rapidly, we have made QBuddy responsive. Its responsive layout works perfectly across different screen sizes and offers a rich user experience. Whether users access your QBuddy-powered website from desktop, tablets or smartphones, they will have a rich & delightful experience using your website.

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QBuddy is built keeping search engine optimization in mind and offers right features to help your online question-answer platform get ahead of the competitors in search engine results. QBuddy script is mobile friendly, has provision for Meta tags, and offers the URL structure that is optimized for search engines.

Type of Questions & Answers platforms you can Start with


Industry specific Q&A platforms or generic ones, QBuddy is developed in such a manner that it can easily fulfill the highly specified needs of a wide range of niche-specific Q&A platforms. With QBuddy, you can start a question & answer platform for…

General question
& answer website

Travel question
& answer website

Finance question
& answer website

Education question
& answer website

Legal question
& answer website

Healthcare question
& answer website

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Rich Features

For Users

QBuddy is carefully designed to simply the interaction between users, while also providing some advanced features that make it much more than just a Q&A website script. Here are some features that will make your QBuddy-powered Q&A website a preferred platform for users.


Q&A Features

Users on your Q&A platform will have the freedom to ask as many questions as they want. They can add images with their answers, save questions & answers for future reference, and flag inappropriate content so that your website stays clean & relevant.


Question Search

QBuddy offers just the right features to cater businesses’ highly specified needs. The system offers scope for implementing custom search criteria. For instance, if you are launching a travel-related Q&A portal, you will get the location based question search feature, and so on.

Build a

social network

People will have the option to follow each other; so, by staying active & relevant, user can acquire quite a following. There is option to thank users for providing useful answer (much like the up-vote or like feature). QBuddy script also includes scope for adding badges to the profiles of expert answer providers.

Social Media

login and sharing

Users can easily register on the website through their social media profiles. Users also get to share useful answers with their friends on social media. The platform has an in-built feature that suggests users similar questions to help them learn more on the matter. Explore all these high-end Q&A platform features yourself.

Explore all these high-end Q&A platform features yourself

Question & Answer

process and features

Quick user

Signup with Facebook
Login with Facebook

Easy question

Follow Questions
Search Old Questions
Add Location

Easy answer

Add Images
Share on Social Media
Add Location

*When it is a travel QA portal

Question and Answer System Pricing


Go Quick
Go Custom
Responsive Design Yes (Default)
Non exclusive rights
Yes (Custom) ? For Custom Design – We do custom design for following pages:
  • Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
  • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded but, we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning

Exclusive rights
Domain Licenses Single Single
Editable Design Template
(Editable HTML & CSS)
Yes Yes
Full Source Code
( Excluding Framework )
Yes Yes
Installation Free ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. Free ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings.
Additional Development
- USD 15 per hour For non exclusive rights
- USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights
999 USD
499 USD

Get in Touch Buy Now
4999 USD
3499 USD

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Get 1 Year Free Technical Support

For resolving bugs & errors found in the system

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Work Progress Transparency

Get timely project progress updates through our in-house project management system

Know How

How can I make


You can make money from your question & answer website in multiple ways. Here are your options:

User Subscription Fee

For industry specific Q&A platforms such as for healthcare industry, a subscription based revenue model can be implemented so that only subscribed users can access the whole Q&A database.

Expert Consultation Fee

Besides the user-to-user interaction, you can also offer users the option to connect with an expert on the matter and charge them for it. This revenue channel is a good option for a legal question-answer website.

Banner Ads

Hosting display ads is always a viable revenue gateway for any type of question and answer platform. You can host the ads on your own or join an affiliate network to make money from them.

Integrate Online Store

Industry specific Q&A websites can also integrate online store with their platform to make money. Ex: a travel related query website can open an online store to sell travel gears and related stuff.

I have some custom requirements for my question and answer website

Consult an Expert

Note that implementing these revenue channel in your question & answers website would require customization in the QBuddy system, which is done at additional cost.

Travel Question Answer System


Admin Controls

QBuddy script’s backend is designed & developed with as much care as its frontend, and provides all the essential and many advanced features that admins need to run such a platform easily.

Here are some top-notch backend features:

User Feedback


Apart from interacting with each other, users have the ability to flag content they find inappropriate. Admin reviews these flag reports and decides which content should stay on the website, and which should get deleted to maintain the relevancy of the platform.


Content Management System

QBuddy’s robust content management system allows admin to make a wide range of changes in the website – such as content updates, user management, question-answer moderation, and other on-site updates - without having to rely on the technical team.

Profile Badge


After providing a sufficient number of answers on the website, users can add credibility to their profile by getting badges. Admin review all the badge requests and decides whether to approve or disapprove it based on the popularity & relevancy of users’ answers.

I want to learn more about QBuddys

Other Handy

Admin Controls

User Management

Admin get to manage all user activities – their registration requests, check status of registered users, monitor their activities, review their badge requests, and so on.

Location Management

Admin can arrange questions based on location (helpful tool for travel related Q&A platforms) such as continent, country city, so on, so that database is arranged properly.

Question Management

By moderating questions for grammar mistakes and language, admin can ensure optimum feedback on them. Admin can update question’s status, its categories, tags, etc.

Answer Management

The answer management feature includes approving/disapproving answers and moderating them for language & grammar to ensure only quality content gets displayed on website.

Email Template Management

For marketing of the platform, Admin is provided with a range of email marketing templates. Admin is also provided complete freedom to customize these templates to get optimum results.

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