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PPC Advertisement and Marketing

Leverage one of the most distinguished advertising possibilities created by Google.

Pay per Click Advertising interests businesses that wish to dominate search engine results for particular keywords. Businesses get distinguished presence on search engines and search networks, and increased chances of relevant traffic making the PPC concept more luring. However, running a successful PPC campaign is not easy. It requires relevant expertise, experience, marketing insights and a lot of time. Blue media with its seasoned market and advertising experts help small, medium and large businesses in making the most of their PPC investment.

Benefits of PPC advertising & marketing

Active in the web business for more than twelve years, Blue media is a leading name in PPC advertising & marketing business. With proven strategies to increase your ROI our experts have the knowledge of what will work and what will not to create a sure shot successful campaign for our clients.

  • It helps in instantly reaching web users searching for services related to your Business
  • It gives you instant results unlike SEO which is a long struggle
  • It comes with the ability to run language specific campaigns
  • It offers functionality to target specific geographic locations
  • It allows you to target all devices separately
  • If managed well, it's a value for money proposition
  • No minimum investment requirements
  • It helps you to retarget visitors who have browsed your website before but did not convert
  • It helps in online reputation management as well by displaying Ads over organic search results.

PPC is a smart & cost-effective advertising medium for brands and businesses to reach target audience.
Being a company of internet marketing and SEO experts, Blue media helps small and medium businesses in getting PPC right in the very first time.

Reach your target audience with an effective and well managed PPC campaign

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Last Year, 77% businesses raised their Google Ads budget after experiencing higher ROI from PPC.

With our In-House PPC experts Blue media can manage the entire process for you at an affordable price

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Around 2/3rd of the traffic on search engines will click on paid ads for high commercial intent searches. We assure you enough traffic through your AdWords account, but to get a better conversion rate, you need to best utilize the traffic being generated.

We offer a range of extended optional services that will help you convert your visitors to customers.

Optimization of existing Landing Pages

A paid ad can only get you traffic, but your website has to then take over and convert them to customers. If you want your AdWords account to perform well and your keywords to have a high quality score, you need to have optimized landing pages. Your landing pages should be optimized for relevant keywords and the conversion path should also be well defined.

Check our Landing Page Optimization Service for additional details.

A/B testing of PPC-only landing pages:

Our conversion experts can help you build multiple landing pages and test which one works best for you. This will help you find the most converting copy, call to actions and conversion forms.

Conversion Rate Optimization service has a direct impact on your PPC results, so be proactive to choose the best page for your campaigns.

Special Targeted ads for Mobile users

81% of the conversions triggered by mobile searches occur within 5 hours. With the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, it is easier to manage ads for mobile devices. Still you need to have separate ads and a different bidding strategy and maybe dedicated, mobile friendly landing pages to target these visitors. Mobile advertising has the capability of generating 25% more ads and 100% more conversions.

Donít let your mobile visits go waste. Optimize your mobile landing page experience with Blue mediaís Mobile Website Design Service or opt for a Responsive Website Design to cater to all users.

Retargeting the visitors

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) helps you track bounced visitors after they exit your website. This is a cookie based technology that helps you target those visitors who are familiar with your business and have shown prior interest. It could be in the form of search retargeting or email retargeting. Effective retargeting can boost conversion by at least 37% if the right message is communicated to the prospective buyers at every step and by using the right tools.

Product Listing Ads

PLAs are reported to have a 24% higher click through rate than text ads on search engines, especially for ecommerce websites. They have high visibility and allow easy price comparison, thus being a big hit with the customers. They can also generate a lot of irrelevant traffic by being displayed for irrelevant searches, so need special expertise and strict monitoring.

Advertising on Social Media Networks:

Blue media can also help you advertise on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, to strictly target your desired customer base. This will help you easily generate traffic for your website.

Analysis of ROI

What cannot be measured is almost impossible to manage. After spending your resources on PPC campaigns, you should have a clear idea about the returns. We can help you keep track of cost per acquisition, and ways to track your visitors, especially repeat visitors, which will not be directly reflected in your AdWords account.



PPC comes with its own share of complexities, keyword research needs, exhaustive competitor analysis, planning, tracking, campaign adjustments, location wise bid adjustments, and various other considerations. Running a successful PPC campaign asks for time, undivided attention and informed decisions.

A businessman can very well do all of it on his own but chances are that by the time lessons from PPC mistakes will be learnt, considerable money and business opportunities will be lost.

Due to the same reason, global businesses trust PPC specialists like Blue media to handle their online advertising campaign.


Being active in the online advertising business for almost a decade, we promise;

  • Auditing of your existing AdWords account.
  • Maximum business mileage from your chosen advertising budget.
  • Graphic and text ads that represent your product/service offerings in the best possible way.
  • Extensive keyword research (including negative keywords) that promises search phrases best suited for your business.
  • Expert advice from seasoned web advertising minds.
  • Personalized assistance for your every query and question.
  • You will have full ownership of the AdWords account.

  • Monthly reporting of performance and achieved conversions.

  • No hidden charges. What we promise is what we deliver.

Maximize the returns on your marketing investment. Take the advantage of our expertise.

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