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Did you know that due to shopping cart abandonment your ecommerce store is losing as much as 4 times the revenue it makes? Yes, that's true and what makes shopping cart abandonment one of the biggest concerns that ecommerce store owners have today.

Revenue Generated 1.007
Abandoned Cart Value3.365
Revenue Generated1.316
Abandoned Cart Value4.112
Revenue Generated1.592
Abandoned Cart Value4.975

**All values in trillion $US

Why customers are abandoning your shopping cart?

Customers abandon their filled shopping cart for many reasons. Sometimes you have no control over it like if the customer simply decided against buying or the customer was just browsing products. But other times, it could be a complicated checkout process, or unavailability of preferred payment option, which certainly is the result of retailers' negligence.


Website visitors are just browsing

  • Your Mistakes

    Major reasons of shopping cart abandonment

  • 25%

    Complicated Navigation

  • 17%

    Security Concerns

  • 21%

    Long Checkout

  • 24%

    Website Crashed

I am facing the same problem on my ecommerce store

Is your shopping cart good enough to convert?

Clearly, shopping cart optimization is a much serious industry need than it has been accounted for so far. Today more and more ecommerce store owners are investing in it instead of just having blind faith in their readymade shopping cart. Even store owners who have a custom built shopping cart need optimization, since most often the customization is about the layout and not the elements that have direct impact on the conversion potential.

Having served in the ecommerce industry for more than a decade now, Blue media Technologies recognized this potential concern early on and began to help its ecommerce clients eliminate their shopping cart shortcomings and unlock their full potential.

Shopping Cart Optimization Our Process

From cart abandonment analysis to track performance of the upgrades in real time, our experts takeover the shopping cart optimization task completely to minimize clients' workload. However, in the process, we constantly communicate with clients to update them on what we are doing and why we are doing it. Major steps involved in our shopping cart optimization process are:

  • 01

    Shopping Cart
    Abandonment Analysis

    01Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Using right tools, we figure out possible reasons for poor conversion rate of your shopping cart. Whether it is poor design, slow page speed, complicated navigation, long checkout, absence of sufficient payment gateways, or any other potential reason?

  • 02


    02Crafting Upgrades

    After outlining the potential reasons and deciding areas of improvement, we study the ecommerce platform in which your shopping cart is built, and accordingly engage ourselves in building prototypes of the proposed upgrades.

  • 03

    A/B Testing
    of Elements

    03A/B Testing of Elements

    Each element that we propose to add, remove, or alter goes through several rounds of inspections on parameters like color, size, placement, position in hierarchy, etc. During A/B testing, we keep you in constant touch to better decide final elements as per your target customers' preferences.

  • 04


    04Solution Implementation

    We implement the upgrades in your shopping cart, track results in real time and modify them accordingly. Our experts ensure that there is no interruption while we implement the solution, and that bad upgrades are sorted out quickly to minimize their impact.

Don't let a poor shopping cart bar the success
of your ecommerce business

Why Blue media?

We are a technology-driven and result oriented team of designers & digital marketers who work together to help clients' business reach new milestones. We help our clients learn about the right tools & right approach to bring their business on the right track.

At Blue media, we always strive to go extra mile for our clients. Through shopping cart optimization, we not only help clients in building a frictionless cart experience, but also assist them with landing page, user-experience, & call-to-action optimization practices.

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Leave no cart left behind with Blue media's shopping
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