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137% Increase

in Non Branded Traffic

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How it started?

Lab Express is a global name in lab and industry chemicals. It has been active in the industry since 1998 and has partnered with Fortune 500 companies. Lab Express came in touch with Blue media Technologies to ensure that manufacturers and firms making chemicals related searches are able to reach its website.

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How we went about it? - Project Approach

In-depth market research was essential as manufacturing firms in need of chemicals followed different approach during web searches. Our marketing team started work with website analysis report, competitor analysis and industry study. It was followed by report submission in which areas of improvement in website design were suggested.

  • Detailed SEO reports highlighted steps to be taken to improve search engine performance.
  • Suggested creation of landing pages for better keyword targeting
  • Inclusion of more relevant content for keyword targeting
  • Suggested frequent content updations for better indexing
  • Coordinated with Lab Express to identify chemical products and services that have good market demand
  • Optimized such chemicals for the website to bring more clients

All the targeted 25 keywords are on first page
Out Of Which

18 are in Top 5


36.87% More Returning Visitors

Bounce Rate
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Average Visit Duration
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Our hard work paid off - Achievements

  • Specific chemicals in demand targeted during SEO processes and the same brought visitors to the client's website
  • More bulk order placements
  • Increase in pageviews and visits
  • More visits from outside US as well

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What we are really proud of? - Milestones

  • Impressed from our professionalism and expertise, Lab Express also chose us for website maintenance work.
  • Presently, Lab Express is one of our premium clients availing SEO services for the last 1.5 years.
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